Uniform Requirements

The school uniform is an important part of school life at SMUS. Uniforms remove distractions, instil a sense of school spirit and encourage students to express their individuality through their actions, rather than their clothes. In other words, uniforms help students see each other for who they are rather than how they dress. We encourage all students to feel pride in being members of St. Michaels University School and wear their uniforms proudly.

The SMUS uniform is specific, and all items should be purchased through our Campus Shop in School House or through the Parents’ Auxiliary Used Uniform Sales.

Day students who cycle to school may wear a tracksuit and change at school. Appropriate dress is expected of all students, including day students travelling to and from school, or staying on the school campus after regular hours. Beyond wearing the correct uniform, students are expected to be well-groomed and take pride in their personal appearance.

Download Dress Code

Uniform requirements for each school are detailed in the Family Handbook.